Ravens Raffle

It’s Kick-off Time

Start off the football season by entering a raffle for an Official NFL Authentic Ravens Pet Jersey and Bandana…

We are excited to kick-off the football season with memorabilia autographed by Ed Reed, Pro Football Hall of Fame. If you are a Baltimore Ravens fan, you know the hype around this GOAT!

Best part you can watch the game next to your buddy wearing matching jerseys or preserve and display it on the wall. 

    Raffle entries start at $10 for each jersey and/or bandana sizes specific to our selection. For example, if you want to bet on two sizes L and XL you would pay $20 (per entry for each item/size). 

    We will review the entries for highest quantity or honor the “buy now” price. Entrants will have one last opportunity to win by out bidding the value of the pot.


    Share with friends you think might be interested. For each referral that signs up, you’ll earn $1 be applied to your raffle value.