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Indestructibone Smooshy Face Pro Grade Chew Toy - 40-80 lbs

Indestructibone Smooshy Face Pro Grade Chew Toy - 40-80 lbs

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Indestructibone Smooshy Face size Indestructibones are made for short snounted or brachycephalic dogs 40-80 lbs. Smooshy Face size is recommended for short snouted dogs because it is approximately ¼ of an inch less wide than the alternative sizes (XL and XL Plus), making it easier for these dogs to hold it in their mouth. Smooshy Face Indestructibones aren't just for Smooshy Face dogs - they can be used by all dogs 40-80 lbs. We take care of the 90 day replacement guarantee, you take care of the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If someone returns an Indestructibone to you within 30 days of purchasing/receiving it, you would give them a refund. Then contact us and we will add that size for free to your next order. (of course if it isn't used, you may resell it). Approximate measurements: 8” X 1.25” X 1.25” Weight of Indestructibone: 10 oz.


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